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Black Horse Vital Original Honey is made from 100% natural ingredients using wild herbs available in Malaysia. Later it is  formulated as a nutritional supplement for men to increase their energy and physical performance. Original Black Horse Vital Honey only uses  pure honey and selected herbs. It has been on the market for years and has become a trusted HALAL  product. 

 Packaging: 10g x 24 bags.Directions: Consume only 1 sachet once every 3 days. 

 Note: Keep away from children 

Health Benefits of Black Horse Vital Honey



Black Horse Vital Honey includes some nutrients

 Black Horse Vital Honey is a thick, sweet liquid made by bees. It is low in nutrients and minerals however can be excessive in a few plant compounds. 

 High-quality Black Horse Vital Honey is wealthy in antioxidants

 Black Horse Vital Honey contains several antioxidants, including phenolic compounds such as flavonoids

Consuming Black Horse Vital Honey may lead to a small reduction in blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease. Black Horse Vital Honey also helps improve cholesterol levels. 

Black Horse Vital Honey appears to have a positive effect on cholesterol levels. It results in a small reduction in total and “bad” LDL cholesterol while increasing “good” HDL cholesterol. 

Black Horse Vital Honey can decrease triglycerides

 Black Horse Vital Honey can decrease triglycerides. Elevated triglycerides are a danger issue for coronary heart ailment and sort 2 diabetes.Several research display that honey can decrease triglyceride levels, particularly whilst used as a sugar substitute. The antioxidants it contains are associated with other positive effects on heart health

 The antioxidants in Black Horse Vital Honey have been linked to positive effects on heart health, including increased blood flow to the heart and  reduced risk of blood clots. 


Real Black Horse Vital Honey, 100% authentic for him (24 bags x 20 grams). Box 


Black Horse Vital Honey

 • Black Horse Vital Honey contains 93% pure honey, Radix Eurycoma Long Folia extract 3%, ginseng herbal extract 2% and royal jelly 2%. Black Horse Vital Honey solves the problems of erectile dysfunction and short duration of intercourse and eliminates any feeling of fatigue and stress after intercourse.

Among the many health benefits of Black Horse Vital Honey, its main benefit lies in improving energy and passion in bed. This 100% pure and natural honey also contains Tongkat Ali roots, a powerful herb that helps men achieve intense orgasms during sexual encounters. It is a natural source of testosterone and selenium, two elements necessary for the proper functioning of the sexual organs. This honey is also good for your health as it prevents the buildup of bad cholesterol



 * For outstanding sexual activities.

 * No impotence, no infertility 

 * Treats small inappropriate ejaculations and short sexual relations. 

 * An instant source of energy&vitality

 * Wealthy in proteins, amino acids, vitamins, digestive and metabolic enzymes

 * Improves nutrient absorption and metabolism

 * Supports the immune system.* For better muscle building of the body. 

 * Improves blood Flow. 

 * Strengthens memory and brain functions. 

 Black Horse Vital Honey: Increases sexual power. 

 Black Horse Vital Honey is a  100% all-natural dietary supplement that increases men's energy and sexual passion. It also contains tongkat ali root, a powerful herbal supplement that can help men achieve intense orgasms during  intercourse. It also contains selenium and zinc, two important minerals for the functioning of the sexual organs.It has many other benefits for  men and women. Additionally, it is safe and works within about 30 minutes. 

 Black Horse Vital Honey: Increases vitality 

 Original Black Horse Vital Honey is a natural product for male vitality that contains pure honey and selected herbs from the rainforest. This product helps increase energy levels and sexual desire. It is a proven method for increasing vitality and sexual desire and improving overall health. It contains the same ingredients as  Black Horse Vital Honey and is a reliable HALAL certified product. Black Horse Vital Honey contains honey extracted from wild plants found in Malaysia. 


Black Horse Vital Honey: It is a natural source of testosterone

 In addition to being an excellent natural source of testosterone,  Black Horse Honey also has other benefits. This candy stimulates sexual appetite and awakens your partner's desire. It also increases erection strength and increases testosterone levels.As a result, men who take this ingredient report higher energy levels, better libido, and increased stamina in bed. In addition, it helps improve overall health and vitality.

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